Product Video


01_ Redsun Vedio




02_Bending & Cutting & Slot CNC Machine HD-SK-VI for Aluminum Channelume Letters 




03_CNC Maching HD-SK-VI for Bending, Grooving and Cutting Type-4 Aluminum Coil



04_HD-SK-SII Bending & Cutting & Slot CNC Machine for Stainless letter 




 05_HD-SK-V Auto Cutting & Bending & Slot Machines for Aluminum Letters


06_HD-SK-VI Bending & Cutting & Slot CNC Machine for Type-6 Aluminum Channelume Letters




07_How to use Metal Trim Cap with Rubber Edge to make Channel Letter




08_How to use Type 6 Aluminum Channelume with PC & Foam Strip for a Channel Letter



09_Making an Acute Angle Channel Letter by pliers and hand




10_Making Resin and Acrylic Letters with Aluminum Trim Cap




 11_TRM-90 Electrical Grooving Machine for Angle 90 degree


 12_Using Electrical Machine to Groove Plastic Covering Plastic Trim Cap




13_How to make a whole lit LED Channel Letters



14_Making Channel Letter with Type-4-2



15_Acrylic LCD Display Showcase




16_Single Side and Double Sided Acrylic LCD Display




17 _Clearview 4 Side Transparent LCD Showcase_2




18_Metal Frame LCD Display_1




19_304 Stainless Steel Elevator LCD Player




20_Android Wifi All in One LCD Player



21_iPhone LCD Player




22_LCD Wall Player




23_Standing Rotating iPhone LCD Player




24_Wall Mounting Multi-Screen LCD Player


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