Double Sides Suspended Ceiling Mounted Acrylic Crystal LED Light Box

Acrylic Crystal LED Light Box
Double Sides Suspended Ceiling Mounting

1. Acrylic LED Light Box with the quick change  
    magnetic system.

2. Size: A1, A2, A3, A4 and customized sizes
3. Exterior appearance is like crystal and it is

4. CNC engraved Light Guide Plate (LGP)

5. Thickness: 12-16mm

6. Warrantee: 2-3 years

7. Certification: CE, RHOS, UL, SPE, etc

8. Perfect backlighting solution for Posters, Digital
    Prints, and Translucent graphics

9. Power Supply: AC110V-AC240V, DC12V

10. Power: vary depending on the type of LED and
      size of the light box.

11. Application: Retail Stores, Shops, Showrooms,
     Banks, Shopping Malls, food courts, Hotels,
     Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs and Cinemas

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12. Our slim light box displays are powered by LED light sources
      Some advantages of LED lighting are:
      a. Lower power consumption compared to any other lighting method.
      b. Long life span of 50,000 hours.
      c. Maintenance free, which means no lamp replacement procedure.
13. Suitable for: Indoor
14. Package: single light box covered with bubble wrap, hard dense box 
     similar to wooden case with Styrofoam. Also may be packed per the 
     customer requirements.

15. Lead time: production will be arranged within 24 hours after getting payment
     (at least 30% deposit).

16. 7-25 working days for different quantity

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