Hanging Curved-face Sign System

Hanging Double Sided Curved Inserting Sign with plastic end caps and cables
Hanging tool is with cable Length 700mm 

Whilst there are variation of suspended signs systems on the Market. The beauty of modular systems is that they allows us to continue with the same system throughout the office and work place. They give that slick look & fresh way finding solution.

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Standard composition:
Aluminum extruded framing system surface
ABS plastic End Caps
Changeable clear matte vinyl graphics and digital printed inserts
Wide ranges of standard size are available.
Aluminum frame can be in matt finishing anodized silver or custom colors by request.
Applied vinyl, screened or full color printed text & graphics.
Horizontally or vertically projecting and Desk sign

Curved Inserting Sign with small edge 
The Wall Sign system is a perfect solution for posters and signs. It allows clear visibility for the poster and has an aesthetic curved shape. The stylish curved Wall Sign system in various sizes suits the room sign and way finding needs within the building. Designed for paper inserts and is offered in variety of profile types to match different projects. The front cover is flexed into place after inserting the paper. Poster inserts can be created by common inkjet or laser printers. Printed-paper inserts may be in portrait or landscape outline and various sizes fitting in profile types.

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