Stainless Steel Curved Sign

Aluminium Curved Brand with special shape

Modular curved-face sign system is a standardized, easily interchangeable sign system that can be integrated within the decor, styling and performance requirements of any interior and exterior environment.
Curved modular sign system is a best sign systems, a modular architectural signage system designed in an international, minimalistic style that can accommodate any interior space. It’s customizable and interchangeable. The components can evolve to tailor each brand and every environment while retaining a sleek, modern aesthetic able to seamlessly integrate with any decor.
Various of panel sizes, graphic methods and configurations allow a great deal of flexibility while keeping the benefits of standard products.
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Series I:
Available width: 157mm, 231mm, 317mm, 445mm, 509mm, 605mm, 765mm and 861mm
(Max width: 861mm), Module unit of height is: 29mm, spacing is 3mm between two faceplates.
Formula of height is:  H1=N x 32-3
Height can be: 29mm, 61mm, 93mm, 125mm...
Max 2013mm for one faceplate
For example: 29X157mm, 61x231mm, 189x605mm, 317x861mm etc.
Series II):
Available width: 215mm, 260mm, 305mm and 530mm ---- Max 530mm.
Module unit of height is: 32mm, spacing is 3mm between two faceplates. Formula of height is: H1=N x 35-3
Height can be: 32mm, 67mm, 102mm, 137mm... 
Max 1992mm for one faceplate;
For example: 32x215mm, 67x215mm, 102x260mm, 305x305mm, 242x530mm etc
Surface treatments:
1). Original aluminum silver
2). Colorful car paint
3). Colorful car paint and silk-screen texts & logos
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