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RedSun upgraded to a group company at the beginning of 2012, we have four subsidiaries now as below:

TianBiao & Nanjing TianBiao Signs Co., Ltd
Which specialize in Aluminum Signs, Stainless Steel Signage, Light Boxes, Aluminum Extrusion Profiles,
Accessories, Channel Letter materials and so on.

Shenzhen New Domain Signs Co., Ltd   
Which specializes in Stainless Steel Hotel Signs, Scenic Area Signage with wood-like surface, Customized
Sign System etc.

Shenzhen TianBiao Signs Co., Ltd  
Which specializes in Slim Light Boxes, Slim Light Box Frames, Scrolling LED Lighting Boxes, Aluminum Signs,
Stainless Steel Signage and Accessories and so on.

Tianbiao Sign is one of the world's leading trade suppliers to the sign making and light box industries.
Our company specializes in the sales, distribution and support of light boxes, aluminum sign systems,
stainless steel special shaped sign system & related materials and channel letter materials.

Representing the leading brands in the industry, Tianbiao serves over 20,000 customers in more than
25 countries and is continuously introducing the cutting edge in new materials, accessories and equipment.

With over 10 years experience in the field, Tianbiao Sign is by far the most reliable partner to help you
grow your business and turn creative ideas into competitive solutions.

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